Wig Creations by Coni

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Coni's long-standing relationship with hair began in 1971 when she attended beauty school.  For a few years following graduation, she worked in a wig shop owned by a family member.  It was then that she realized that styling wigs was definitely for her, and she decided to launch out on her own.  In June of 1982, she opened her first shop in College Grove Shopping Center in Lemon Grove.  She moved from that locale to Rancho San Diego in October of '95 and then on to her current location in El Cajon, where she has been since August of 2006.

At one point in her career, Coni's interest in wigs took her to Japan, where she saw how wigs are made.  Not only is she interested in hairpieces - how they're made and how to style them - but also in those who wear them.  Coni cares about people.  She wants them to look their best and to feel good about themselves.

When Coni first began working with hair, she discovered she had a knack for it and decided it would be an enjoyable way to make a living, but, after she came to know the Lord, she realized it was a gift from Him and decided that she wanted to use this gift to benefit others.  From that point on, she regarded styling wigs not only as her business but her ministry, as well.

Coni is willing to help whenever and wherever she can.  She currently has an ongoing working relationship with The Victorian Roses, an East County ladies' equestrian team that participates in special community events and various parades, the Rose Parade being one of them.

Coni was employed at various times by Lamb's Players Theatre between 2006 and 2015.  During that time, she designed a variety of hair styles worn in the various productions.  No matter the period - 1890's, 1920's - she created the perfect look.  She and another beautician restyled every hairpiece - from three to sixteen -worn in each performance.

During the Christmas Season, Coni sets beards and wigs for those jolly souls who are portraying Santa Claus throughout San Diego County.

During the almost fifty years she has been working with wigs, Coni has had literally hundreds of customers, many of whom have become friends, and she is grateful for each and every one of them.  It is her hope that she will soon have the pleasure of meeting you and getting to know you.  She wants you to look your best and will do everything she can to make sure you do.

Coni cares!